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Resume & Portfolio

So I have finally taken the time to actually apply to Linkin (?) and realized I needed both a resume and portfolio. Now it has been a few years since I have really focused on web design or hosting for that matter, pretty much focusing on dance as my main priority. The past few years I have been itching to want to go back to web designing and finding myself burned out with dance. I have been teaching dance and directing shows and productions for over twenty five years. If you had asked me four years ago, I would have sworn I would be buried in my dance shoes.

I have not entirely given up dance, no, I could never do that. I have however, decided to start a new journey, or perhaps, continue a journey I abandoned some years ago. I am really enjoying my time at MSU learning the program languages even though I really don’t care for Visual Basics much, but I will not limit my challenges.

So I began my resume to find that the thing is “long” and wow what a mix. Between my teaching, crafts, hobbies, dance, sure does not look all that great on a programming or web designing application (LOL).

So I decided to make three resumes. Why not? One basic, one for web and programming, then one for desktop support, assuming I stay in school long enough to finish that as well.

This really should be interesting but a little concerned considering Linkin only allows you to make one resume for one area. *Sighs*