Daily Archives: May 9, 2012

My Web Designing Experience

I wanted to begin my web design blog with a little history about how I got the “Gotta Web Design” bug. I confess that in my younger years, early twenties, I was not very open to technology, especially computers. I did take one class in 1993 while I in college, Intro computer programming and passed it with an A. Back then computer programming was entirely different language and computers did not have the fancy features we have now. Internet was still in the process of blooming and long before everyone caught the Window bug.

In 1996, my husband had to convenience me to give up my Word Processor machine and upgrade to a Window PC and even attempt to connect to the internet. The thought of the internet then was overwhelming and uncomfortable. My husband succeeded getting me to give up typewriters and crappy cheap Word Processors.

My first experience with the internet was emails and Yahoo chat. With me being hard of hearing with a profound hearing loss this opened many windows of opportunities for me. Immediately I was hooked and as the years passed the computer and internet would become my second passion. My first passion is dance which I have been teaching since I was fourteen.

In 1997 I stepped away from chat long enough to really explore the WWW. I admired the web pages built by every day people. Back then you had a page for everything! I had to learn it, learn about making web pages, displaying anything and everything I could get my hands on. I had clubs, personal pages, pages on my crafts, selling my crafts, and more. I even explored pixel graphic drawing for several years owning and running my own pixel graphic shop.

In 1999, I began exploring web hosting and how it works and what makes it work. At that time a, many people were upgrading from free hosting services to paid hosting and domains became the next fad, everyone had to have a domain. Experience with web hosting was not cheap or always the best when it came to support. Many web hosting businesses were starting in the basement of homes renting servers from large database centers. Hosting reseller became the next popular trend but would also give many people bad experience with hosting. The competition for selling domain and hosting was the next generation. Go Daddy would make the hosting and domain world one of the most known domain registrant around the world. The heat was on.

I opened my own hosting business because I had to learn that too while I continued to explore web editors and creating web pages. In 1999, I would advance from renting from Resellers to owning my own dedicated server and learning Dreamweaver that took me the longest time to understand the software. The advantage of learning Dreamweaver helped me improve making better functional websites, but also taught me how HTML tags worked and my new journey learning CSS.

Now it is many years later I have been designing web sites mainly for my in-laws and the building business. I really enjoy doing it, even though technology keeps advancing. Seems like there is always something new or a big jump from one step to another trying to keep up with improvements, additions, and things I have yet to learn.

Now I have years of hosting and web designing experience and now learning more about the programming aspect of web designing. I am a fan of PHP and SQL database. I knew that JavaScript made things happen and appear animated. I decided to back to school and further my studies with web programming.

For every year I spent Googling and studying HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, databases, hosting, domains I do not regret the years sitting at the computer trying to figure it all out. It is a journey I will continue to explore and learn while I am slowly but gently retiring from my many years of teaching dance. It is a good trade off.